About us

The Invention of Thermatize

Here at Thermatize we have re-defined what insulation is and how it works with one simple philosophy; The "R" value should be abolished and replaced with the "S"value. "S"topping heat transfer not just "R"esisting it. 

Extreme temperature insulate coatings were first developed for the aviation and rocket industry more than 50 years ago but had limited commercial application due to scarcity of material and high manufacturing costs. Advancements in nano technology have increased the supply of specialty components and polymers allowing for further commercialization of flexible thin insulate products.


20 Years of Testing

The original formulation of Thermatize was prepared over 20 years ago as a pipe coating product and has been refined to be more energy saving along with being environmentally green. There are so many new possibilities to explore with Thermatize.

Over the past 20 years we have tested and perfected this technology. By creating the best insulation  we hope to help solve worlds greatest problems sooner rather then later while still keeping it green and mindfully toxic free.

At Thematize it is possible to create a sustainable ecosystem that provides the best of both worlds when it comes to insulation and being eco-friendly.

We are confident that our product will surpass any other insulation.






    Aero Space


    Introducing the worlds first and only toxic-free, earth friendly Insulation Paint.