Thermatize, Has many Applications So many that its Hard for us real name them all, but here are some that we know are in existences. today, 



Thermatize is the first insulation that can be applied directly to boat halls to reduce rusting.This in and of itself is a major breakthrough for the boating industry.

Our insulation also makes it impossible for the barnacles to stick to the hull by creating an extremely smooth ourter surface. Impervious to salt water, Gasoline,Diesel fuel and any other corrosive material, Thermatize Insulation is a proven and tested solution for the safety and long-life of your boat.

Applying Thermatize Insulation also creates less drag on the underside of the boat to improve fuel-efficiency. It can be applied on the boat due to its amazing ability to reduce heat exchange inside the engine bay or on the railings of the boat to reduce heat on mettle because it does not brittle.



Thermatize meets all federal and non-federal EPA and OSHA standards. It is a non-toxic multi-ceramic-based insulation with extremely versatile applications; radiant barrier CCRI is the foundation of insulation properties: Convection, Conduction Radiation & Inferred.

Thermatize is extremely useful to nearly an infinite array of industries due to the fact that it is liquid applied insulation.

It is also non-hazardous to the environment as well as to those around it, and can greatly aid in upgrading working conditions to fall within Personal Protection guidelines set by OSHA. Thermatize has the best R-value per mil than any other insulation in existence for commercial usage. This is due to its cross-linked membrane composition of ceramics, giving it the potential of withstanding severely high or low temperature without cracking, corroding or catching fire. Thermatize is also known as a fire retardant because it does not have any V.O.C in its  chemistry.




Thermatize offers an extreme DB control

because of the ceramic technology utilized in the insulation. Perfect for a small factory or sizable manufacturing plant, it can be used in a wide array of applications from pipelines to walls.

In addition to the sound insulation it will also reduce heat/cold loss.

On walls it reduces sound transfer causing sound deadening.

Furthermore, Thermatize insulation can be used on automobiles to create less road noise and outside noise also can be utilized in homes for reducing exterior noise