• Q: Can Thermatize be applied to virtually any type of surface, even existing pipe?
  • A: Yes any surface. 


  • Q: Can the insulation be applied in a thin application?
  • A: Yes, approximately at one coat depending on application at 10mils thick is R factor of 1.4.


  • Q: Is it heat & fire resistant to extreme temperatures?
  • A: It passes all fire ASTM testing and can withstand 2,000F' for more then 3 minutes without combustion. 


  • Q: What is the R-Factor rating?
  • A: at one inch it's a Tested and Approved R140.


  • Q: Can Thematize be applied from 4 to 40 mils thick?
  • A: Yes all the way to one inch thick, while not losing K factor. 


  • Q: Is it impervious to water, salt water and most chemicals?
  • A: Yes we have a reactive value of 0 in our MSDS and as far as we know there is no chemicals out there, that we react to. 


  • Q: Does Thematize remain flexible under extreme conditions?
  • A: Yes after extreme tempter, we still have the Flexibility of any application. 


  • Q: Is Thematize Non-toxic?
  • A: Yes, we pass OSHA CFR 1910-1200 and all hazmat EPA regulations.


  • Q: Is Thematize bacteria & fungal resistant? 
  • A: Not only resistant to them, Thermatize also suppresses growth of new bacteria & fungus. 


  • Q: Does Thermatize aid in the prevention of corrosion?
  • A: Yes and even go over corrosion to prevent further spread (Ex:  Useful in Marine applications.) 


  • Q: Does Thematize use the latest technologies in ceramic materials?
  • A: Yes, not only do we use ceramic technology but we have perfected it by putting it in Nano Suspension.


Each coating has been tested and proven for years in the field before being offered to the public



    If you have any further questions please contact us. 

    Thank you and sincerely,

    The Thermatize Team